Austin EMC (formally Austin Radio Labs) is an independent laboratory specializing in pre-compliance testing.  It is owned and operated by  iNARTE certified EMC engineer Bob Ripley.

Austin EMC is focused on providing pre-compliance testing. Most of our measurements are now made in shielded test chambers. We are no longer maintaining an operational OATS (outdoor area test site) as required to maintain our listing with the FCC as an independent test laboratory.  Austin EMC has also chosen to not seek accreditation as an official testing laboratory. We believe we can serve our clients without incurring the prohibitive cost involved in  accreditation required of final testing laboratories. 

Our calibration and measurement accuracy are both obtained by the use of primary and secondary calibration standards, high quality test equipment, inter-laboratory comparisons, utilization of proven procedures coupled with good engineering practices, proper application of the laws of physics and mathematics, and a lot of experience and common sense. Also by performing our own calibration we can be assured that the calibration meets our more exacting requirements.

We will work with you at any or all phases of your product development to insure your product is ready for final compliance testing.